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About me + CV

Thaís Cipolletta is a Brazilian Luxury Leather Goods Designer based in London, with expertise in handbags, both in design and craftsmanship.

She has over 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, having worked previously as a Womenswear Fashion Designer, and is one of the Co-Founders of the luxury aftercare platform The Restory.

With outstanding attention to detail and a problem-solver at heart, she is a sustainability and circular fashion advocate and always looks for new ways to connect the consumer and the product, with a particular focus on Craftsmanship and Heritage.

Since the beginning of her career, Thaís has had a particular interest in creating new techniques and connecting to the design and process on a deeper emotional level, which was highlighted during her Master's at LCF and the Sustainability program with the luxury group Kering and LCF.


Thaís is a trailblazer in the aftercare industry with her work at The Restory, inspiring brands, artisans, and customers to view repair as a desirable luxury experience and to reconnect with their loved items, giving them a chance of longevity.

"Through repair, customers reconnect emotionally with their items, which incentivizes buying better in the future."

Thaís Cipolletta, expert contributor to the book Circular Design Guide for Fashion, from Ellen McArthur Foundation

Download Thaís Cipolletta's CV

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